Camilla Whitehouse joins expert employment law panel for Inspire FM radio show and live podcast

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LIVE! Ask Your Lawyer, on tonight's edition of Ask Your Lawyer: How does the law of Unfair Dismissal work in Employment Law. Call in to join the discussion live on 01582 481 822 | Inspire 105.1 FM | listen live on or watch on Facebook Live!

Posted by Inspire FM - Luton on Monday, 12 June 2017

Camilla was invited to join an expert panel of employment lawyers and HR experts to advise listeners on hot topics of employment law. Together with other panel members, Camilla was available to respond to live call-ins from listeners of Inspire FM.

The radio show discussion was chaired by Attiq Malik, Director of Liberty Law and regular television and radio commentator who featured in Channel 4’s “24 hours in police custody”.
During the show, Camilla drew upon her wide ranging employment practice in which she acts for claimants and respondents in advisory, litigation and appellate work.

The information and advice Camilla gives during the radio show is as follows:

    • Introduction: 2:48
    • Where does the barrister get involved? 6:44
    • Can anyone bring an unfair dismissal claim? Or are there any caveats? 10.34
    • Procedural unfairness 14.28
    • ACAS early conciliation process 17.12
    • What is the difference between unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal? 21.27
    • What types behaviour might an employee might rely on to justify resignation? 22.47
    • Discrimination / exercising caution when claiming constructive dismissal 23.54
    • Live caller who works for a care company and works on a zero hours contract. Should she have the mileage she covers paid for by the company? Explaining employment contracts, precedents, staff handbook, raising grievance procedure.  33.50
    • Front loading time, effort and expenditure. Taking legal advice at an early stage. 36.20
    • What is constructive unfair dismissal? 42.26
    • What is a burden of proof? How does that affect the strengths of somebody bringing a case? 46.20
    • In order to use a barrister you have to go through a solicitor. Is this true? Or are there other ways? 49.00