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Employment Law

Camilla undertakes work in all areas of employment law and is instructed by both Claimants and Respondents at all stages of proceedings. She is experienced at advising Respondent companies on ACAS compliant practices and procedures and drafting contracts of employment, grievance and disciplinary policies and restrictive covenants. Her practice areas include advice and representation in employment claims at all stages in the Employment Tribunal, High Court and Employment Appeal Tribunal including employment/ worker status, unfair dismissal and redundancy, holiday and wages issues and whistleblowing. She has a particular interest in unfair dismissal for gross misconduct, discrimination law and costs.


Recent instructions include:
  • R v VB – Instructed to advise Respondent care home in appeal to the EAT over National Minimum Wage dispute.
  • NS v AT – Represented Claimant in pregnancy, sex discrimination and unfair dismissal claims in interesting point in respect of when the protected period commences. 
  • Re: OA – Advising and drafting for multimillion turnover City company on all policies and training, misconduct dismissals.
  • Re: CC – Advised CEO and finance director of company as to seeking respect of injunctive relief and breach of confidence and Non-Disclosure Agreements against former employees. 
  • MW v A, B and C – Represented First Defendant company against a well-known beauty brand against a leading employment QC in a multi-party restrictive covenant and breach of confidential information in the High Court. Successfully resisted springboard injunctions and damages, and reduced client’s costs liability from £45k to £12k. 
  • Y v B – Represented Claimant in unfair dismissal claim where the Respondent alleged gross misconduct, namely theft.
  • T v NHS Trust X – Represented Claimant in unfair dismissal claim where the Respondent NHS Trust alleged gross misconduct, namely an assault against a doctor.
  • DS v WS – Instructed by insurers to advise a claimant teacher on a complex constructive dismissal case against her former school in respect of allegations spanning over 11 years.
  • Re: X – Advised a London chambers on a sex discrimination and harassment claim. 
  • LH v AB – Advisory, drafting and negotiations in constructive dismissal claim against a Californian based company.
  • TJ v HCG Ltd – Representing a whistleblower Claimant in her claims of automatic unfair constructive dismissal and whistleblowing claim against a Care Home.
  • A Ltd v B – Instructed to represent Care Home employer over allegations over failure to pay the National Minimum Wage
  • LP v FA Ltd – Represented Claimant in claim for misconduct and unfair dismissal after the Respondent printing company alleged breaches of restrictive convents, winning against Respondent’s limitation challenge and subsequent negotiation. 
  • A v X TV – Won Claimant’s unfair dismissal claim against TV company where correct identity of employer was challenged and allegations of fraudulent documents were made.
  • B v G, L and others – Successfully represented a claimant as sole counsel in complex claim against 17 Respondents for unfair dismissal relating to TUPE and sexual harassment. Secured substantial settlement award from 15 Respondents and succeeded at trial in respect of the remaining two Respondents.
  • Z v Y – Represented the appellate employee in the Court of Appeal in respect of her capability dismissal case.
  • F v B – Represented the respondent (a luxury jewellery company) in the Employment Appeal Tribunal for a case regarding the Tribunal’s duties to a disabled litigant in person, for which the Ministry of Justice were interveners.
  • A v H – Represented the respondent (a well known car manufacturer) in the Employment Tribunal.
  • Appeal Tribunal and Employment Tribunal against the claimant’s costs claim on the basis of the respondent’s alleged unreasonable conduct, which included covert surveillance. Successfully reduced costs award by 87% from the £45,000 claimed to £6,000.

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