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Camilla has a growing practice in corporate and personal insolvency, acting for office holders, creditors and debtors.

Previous work includes:

  • K, P & M v L v T – Successfully represented 3 Claimant bridging finance companies in complex £1.6million claim in which the First Defendant company entered into liquidation just prior to the trial. Secured findings that the mortgage was a fraudulent scam and obtained costs on an indemnity basis against both Defendants.
  • K & L – v – D, C, B and A – Represented husband and wife in an application for restitution in a case involving a property transaction at an undervalue under rule 339 Insolvency Rules.
  • C v G & G – Defended the managing director of an accountancy firm against the Trustees in Bankruptcy’s application for an order for sale jointly owned property following his failed IVA and subsequent bankruptcy.
  • LB v M – Advised Respondent in bankruptcy proceedings brought by London Borough for substantial Council Tax arrears.
  • M v S – Represented Claimant bridging finance company in £770,000 claim secured against 5 separate properties.
  • HMRC v X – Advised managing director of optician’s in respect of bankruptcy petition by HMRC for outstanding arrears.
  • H v L – Advised and represented L in complex multi-track proceedings involving two now insolvent companies: C that had agreed to supply high value and unique goods to S. At the material time, L had been a director in C and S and had personally guaranteed and indemnified S in respect of its lease purchase agreement with H for the goods, which C had failed to supply to S.
  • Re: DSD – Instructed to represent DSD against winding up petition.

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